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Development of discipline

Football appeared in antiquity. Disciplines with a ball in demand among inhabitants of many countries. They were applied in:
• Ancient China;
• Ancient Greece;
• on the Apennines.
Inhabitants of Italy improved discipline. During the Middle Ages they introduced to the world the game "Calcio". With the development of trade relations, it came to the United Kingdom. Interest in discipline formed instantly. By Popularity "Calcio" surpassed cricket.

First rules

Interest among viewers appeared not by chance. Discipline impressed with its dynamism. Battles on the field were significant. This permitted norms of football:
1. 2 teams.
2. 25 people each.
3. 15 forwards.
4. Right to fistfights.
English created own norms. At first discipline didn't unify. In some places allowed to throw projectile with hands, in others it was forbidden.
The Starting attempt to unification occurred in 1846. Cases demanded momentary response. players from different colleges entered the field on the field during the competition. Each athlete worked in accordance with acceptedrules. Result did not inspire positive development of events.
However, players managed to create a single set of rules.
Starting standardization became positive. Attention viewers intensified. As a result in Great Britain there was the first specialized club. Team named "Sheffield". It happened in 1857.
After 6 years formed The Football Association of England. It immediately created a single set of rules of football.

Modern outline

Gradually discipline improved. Created conditions for the stadium. Approved dimensions of the gate.
Significant time is 1871. At that time appeared the FA Cup. Tournament - oldest in the world.
1891 - time appearances in discipline kick from 11 meters. However, from current specified standard is. Now shoot penalties from fixed spot. Earlier penetration was done from the line.
Game evolved. Love grew. According to the results in the 1880s, the number of teams exceeded 100 pieces. In society began arise speculations. Some players felt that certain teams give players salary. In those days disciplines could be only amateur. As a result norms changed.

They added a clause prohibiting athletes to receive remuneration.
Started sequence slander. Teams accused each other. Some clubs left the league. Later norm cancelled.

International development

Growth of trade increased penetration of discipline to Europe. As a result sport started regulated at the international level. FIFA appeared in beginning of the last century. At the start organization consisted of 7 countries.
Unified requirements clothing did not exist. Football Players was required to wear:
• h
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